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Still love me?

okay I know it's been a relly REALLY long time since the last time I came on livejournal but I kind of miss it. I mean I love tumblr and everything but I kind of miss my livejournal and the people I used to talk with here... (don't know If I still have friends because it's been a while now...)
but if any of you still care about me (thing I'm not sure) can we just forget it all and talk about the fact that i'm gonna see Maroon 5 IN LESS THAN 20 DAYS!!! 

so TVD were back yesterday! Everybody were so happy and excited and I was like, Well I will cry a lot! I was waiting for Grey's Anatomy and vampire Diaries since like 7 weeks so even if I wasn't excited I was happy the see my babies again! I was affraid of what will happen between Damon&Elena(Like a lot of Stelena Fans) and I wanted to see the reaction of Teddy when se will learn about Henry's death so here is what I think about it! :)

Am I happy?!... Collapse )

Delena wasn't too much Delena finally... Collapse )
Which couple never had hard time. Never fell appart. Never broke down. Never loved someone they wasn’t suppose to fell for. In real life, it happen a lot, in TV shows, It ALWAYS happen. You will smile, you will cry but you will survive... Collapse )


Multi-fandom Icons Post

Grey's Anatomy [izzie&Alex] [Mark&Lexie]
Friday Night Lights [Matt&Julie]
N.C.I.S [Abby]
She's The Man [viola&Duke]
The Vampire Diaries [Stefan&Elena]

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I would lie and say that you're not on my mind...♥Collapse )